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You may have read about a recent report describing a potential security vulnerability in our MX100, MX200 and MX300 products as well as another manufacturer’s products. While this vulnerability can only be exploited by an individual with physical access to the drive, deep technical SSD knowledge and advanced engineering equipment, we do recommend you update your drive's firmware for additional protection. You may also consider implementing a software encryption option as an alternative method to protect the security of your data. Please select your drive from the drop-down menu below to initiate the firmware update.

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SSD installation guide for your specific Mac model

Installation guides with step-by-step instructions and detailed images for dozens of Mac models.

Why did my SSD "disappear" from my system?

A sudden power loss is a common cause for a system to fail to recognize an SSD, or not detect one it was previously able to.

My SSD used to be so much faster ... What happened?

If the SSD is not given any idle time and then immediately powered off, there could be a performance impact.