We live and breathe memory and storage, but it's not just a work thing. We build our own rigs, geek out over new technology, and we like jumping online to answer your questions just as much as we enjoy walking you through the install process so you don't have to figure it out on your own.

We are the memory and storage experts

For 25 years, Crucial has been uniquely able to connect millions of customers to the innovation and technology that Micron has been perfecting for more than four decades.

Compatibility tools like our Crucial System Scanner have made it easy to connect our customers with the perfect memory (DRAM) and storage (SSDs) for their systems, including our world-record-breaking Crucial Ballistix gaming DRAM, delivering an unparalleled performance edge to power users.

Compatibility is Crucial

In just three questions, we’ll learn enough about your system to provide a list of guaranteed compatible part.

Reliability is Crucial

From sand to silicon to finished product, every Crucial memory module and SSD must pass hundreds of quality inspections.

Commitment is Crucial

Thirty-five years ago when Micron started, we were one of over 40 memory manufacturers. Now there are just a handful.

We are global

As Micron's global consumer brand, Crucial products are available worldwide from leading retail and e-tail stores, commercial resellers and system integrators, enhancing system performance and user productivity on every continent.

Our achievements and awards

Our Awards

Quality is our top priority, and we’re honored when we receive recommendations and awards for our products and customer service.

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Since 1996, we’ve focused on helping you make your computer systems faster and easier to use. Here are some of the milestones we’ve reached along the way.

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