Crucial Storage Executive

A free software tool that helps optimize the performance of your Crucial SSD.

This free downloadable tool enables your Crucial SSD to become even faster and allows it to get periodic updates so it’s constantly performing at its best. With Storage Executive, you can see how much storage (GB) you’ve used, download the latest firmware, monitor the drive’s temperature, reset your encryption password, and enable the Momentum Cache feature, which makes many SSD operations up to 10x faster.1

Version 10.01 for Windows

Storage Executive only available for 64-bit systems.

Benefits of Storage Executive

  • Enable the Momentum Cache feature and make many SSD operations up to 10x faster
  • Download the latest firmware
  • See how much storage you’ve used
  • Monitor your SSD’s operating temperature and overall health
  • Reset your SSD’s encryption password
  • Verify your SSD’s model number for warranty claims
  • Clear all data stored on the drive

Compatibility and language support


Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11


Crucial X10 Pro, X9 Pro, X9, X8, X6, P-series, T700, T500, MX-series, BX-series, M550, and M500 SSDs


English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Is your operating system 64-bit?

The Storage Executive software is for systems with a 64-bit operating system (most users). You can use the steps below to verify if your system is 64-bit.

Operating system

How to know if you have the 64-bit version

Windows 11

Available only as 64-bit

Windows 10

In the Start menu, type This PC into the Windows search bar, but don’t hit enter. Right click on the This PC option that displays, then select Properties and your type of operating system will be displayed onscreen.

Windows 8

Move your mouse to the upper right side of the screen and click on the search tool that appears. Type Computer into the search field, then right click on it and select Properties. Your type of operating system will be displayed onscreen.

Windows 7

In the Start menu, right click on Computer, then select Properties and your type of operating system will be displayed onscreen.

If you see 64-bit, Storage Executive will work with your system.

1. Validated by testing noted in the “Enhance Burst Performance on Micron and Crucial SSDs Using Momentum Cache” whitepaper


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