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What Does RAM Stand For?


Can't tell your RAM from your ROM? Find out the answer to one of the most basic questions surrounding memory.

Does my Computer Need More Memory


Find out once and for all whether your computer has enough memory for your daily usage or if it's time for a RAM upgrade.

What is Computer Memory?


Every computer needs RAM to work properly, but what does it do? Find out with Crucial's explainer of computer memory.

How Much Memory (RAM) Do you Need?


How much RAM does your computer really need? Find out how the right amount of RAM can give your computer a performance boost.

How to Install Memory in a Desktop Computer


See how to easily update your desktop computer’s RAM with the Crucial step-by-step guide including tool list and useful tips.

System and RAM Compatibility


Make sure you get compatible RAM for your system with these simple checks to help you upgrade your computer. Discover more at

What is the Difference Between RAM and ROM?


Find out what the difference is between RAM and ROM and volatile and non-volatile memory with our guide.

How Much RAM Does a Server Need?


The amount of RAM a server needs depends on your system. Discover how much memory you need with our helpful guide.

Different Types of RAM Explained


There are multiple types and speeds of RAM. Crucial’s guide breaks them down and shows you how to pick RAM that’s compatible with your computer.

A Glossary of Memory Terms


Expand your knowledge of computer terminology with our glossary of computer memory terms.

What is the Difference Between Memory and Storage?


What’s the difference between memory and storage? Find out now with our guide.

The 3Cs of Server Memory


Discover our guide to the 3Cs of investing in server RAM, and make the most of your upgrade.

What is Dual Channel Memory?


Discover more about dual-channel and multi-channel memory with our helpful guide.

The Difference Among DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 Memory


DDR4 is the next generation of RAM. Learn about the differences in the generations of double data-rate memory now.

How is Memory Made?


What is RAM made of? Find out about the manufacturing process here at Micron.

Server Memory and Hardware Compatibility


Find out the important questions to ask when comparing server memory and the hardware that works with memory.

The Difference Between RAM Speed and CAS Latency


Find out more about CAS latency, RAM speed, and how to measure memory performance.