In today’s technologically advanced society, it’s not enough to have products with good performance and passable speed. With seemingly unstoppable technology, your products must be fast, powerful and efficient to keep up. At Crucial, our drive is to be one step ahead of those needs, building on our reputation for high-quality memory and storage to make a meaningful difference where you need it most.

That’s exactly what we’ve done with our Pro Series line of memory and storage products. On May 30, Crucial unveiled the Crucial T700 Gen5 SSD, leveraging Micron® 232-layer NAND to maximize performance and dependability, making it the world’s fastest Gen5 SSD on the market at launch.

The Crucial Pro Series features memory and storage products designed for gamers, content creators, workstation professionals or anyone needing the benefits of a robust, high-performance computing experience with plug-and-play functionality, including: 

The Crucial T700 PCIe® Gen5 SSD, which is the marquee product in the new Pro Series, offering industry-leading sequential read and write speeds up to 12,400/11,800MB/s1 and up to 1,500K IOPS random read/write speeds1 for faster gaming, video editing, 3D rendering or heavy workload applications.  

Crucial DDR5 and DDR4 Pro DRAM products with heat spreaders, which provide out-of-the-box performance to improve system speed, bandwidth and responsiveness without the fuss of LEDs and the risks associated with overclocking and latency tuning. 

Crucial X9 Pro and X10 Pro Portable SSDs, which offer sequential read and write speeds up to 2,100/2,000MB/s11 and up to 4TB12 of storage in a durable, palm-sized design perfect for photographers and videographers on the go. 

The future of fast: Crucial T700 Gen5 SSDs

Crucial T700 SSD image

Built with Micron 232-layer TLC NAND and nearly two times faster2 than the previous Crucial Gen4 performance SSD with sequential read speeds up to 12,400MB/s, the Crucial T700 Gen5 SSD is designed for Intel ® 13th Gen and AMD Ryzen™ 7000 series CPUs and PCIe 5.0 desktops and motherboards. The Crucial T700 SSD takes full advantage of Microsoft® DirectStorage and GPU decompression functionality to render high-resolution textures up to 60% faster3, load assets in seconds and achieve up to 90% less CPU utilization3 to free up the system for multitasking purposes. The Crucial T700 SSD also features a premium aluminum and nickel-plated copper heatsink that enables heat dissipation and minimizes thermal performance throttling4 without the noise or failure risks of integrated fans or liquid cooling. A non-heatsink version is also available for use with an integrated motherboard heatsink5, and both types are backward compatible with PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 motherboards for ultimate flexibility.

No fuss. Just fast. Crucial DDR5 and DDR4 Pro Memory

Crucial DDR5 Pro memory has the blazing speed and massive bandwidth needed to support next-gen multi-core CPUs6 and unleash performance previously only attainable with extreme performance memory7. This innovative technology empowers PCs to multitask better; load, analyze, edit and render faster; game with higher frame rates; uncover data insights more quickly; and enhance productivity to save time and money. Available at a speed of 5,600MT/s, this new memory enables up to 1.75 times the data rates8 and two times the bandwidth8 of DDR4 memory.

Crucial Pro DRAM comes in two or four DIMM configurations and supports Intel XMP 2.0 or 3.0 and AMD EXPO™ on every module9 for performance recovery in those instances where the CPU suppresses JEDEC speeds. In fact, Crucial is the only memory brand to offer Intel XMP and AMD EXPO on the same module9, providing users with flexibility to integrate Crucial DDR5 Pro DRAM in either an Intel or AMD PC build. Crucial DDR5 Pro memory has universal compatibility with 12th Gen Intel Core™ and AMD Ryzen 7000 Series desktop CPUs and above, while Crucial DDR4 Pro DRAM has universal compatibility with 8th to 13th Gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 1000 to 5000 Series desktop CPUs. Both Crucial DDR5 and DDR4 Pro memory have black aluminum heat spreaders that offer sleek style in a low-profile module for even the smallest form factor PCs, while also providing heat dissipation.

DDR5 and DDR4 Pro Series DRAM

Real speed. Raw power: Crucial X10 Pro and X9 Pro Portable SSDs

With the Crucial X10 Pro Portable SSD, videographers, editors and performance-minded consumers can safely store, transport and backup important photos, files and more on the go, without cloud or internet access. With capacities up to 4TB12, the Crucial X10 Pro is an optimized plug-and-play storage solution that works13 with Windows, Mac, Android™ devices, and more. Featuring Micron® TLC NAND and water and dust resistance14 (IP55), the stylish Crucial X10 Pro is designed for speed and durability. 

With the Crucial® X9 Pro Portable SSD, photographers and performance-minded consumers can safely store, transport and backup important photos, files and more on the go, without cloud or internet access. With read and write speeds up to 1,050MB/s11 and capacities up to 4TB12, the Crucial X9 Pro is an optimized plug-and-play storage solution that’s compatible13 with Windows, Mac, Android and more. Featuring Micron® TLC NAND and water and dust resistance14 (IP55), the Crucial X9 Pro is designed for durability and style. 


The Crucial T700 SSD is available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities10 in both heatsink and non-heatsink M.2 2280 form factor options. Crucial DDR5 Pro memory is available in 16GB 5,600MT/s UDIMM modules, while the DDR4 Pro memory is offered in 16GB and 32GB 3,200MT/s UDIMM modules worldwide from leading retail and e-tail stores, commercial resellers and system integrators.

1Typical I/O performance as measured using CrystalDiskMark® with a queue depth of 512 and write cache enabled. Windows 11 Core isolation disabled for performance measurement. Fresh out-of-box (FOB) state is assumed. For performance measurement purposes, the SSD may be restored to FOB state using the secure erase command. System variations will affect measured results.
2Compared to Crucial P5 Plus Gen4 NVMe® SSD listed speed of 6,600MB/s. Actual speed may vary.
3Based on internal gaming performance results measured with 3DMark® Storage Benchmark SSD performance test for gamers. Actual results may vary.
4Under typical conditions for airflow and ambient temperature, our pre-installed premium heatsink allows the T700 Gen5 SSD to run at max workload without the need to thermal throttle. Please ensure your drive has proper airflow for maximum performance.
5Non-heatsink versions of the Crucial T700 must be installed with a motherboard or alternate heatsink to achieve optimal performance.
6Only DDR5-enabled CPUs/motherboards support DDR5 memory. Not compatible with DDR4 motherboards.
7DDR5 speeds are comparable to extreme-performance DDR4 memory speeds and, at 4,800MT/s, at least 1.5x faster than maximum standard DDR4 speeds of 3,200MT/s.
8DDR5 data rate of 5,600MT/s transfers 1.75x the DDR4 data rate of 3,200MT/s.
9Crucial DDR5 desktop memory modules (UDIMMs) can reach rated speeds with Intel XMP 3.0 or AMD EXPOTM turned on in the UEFI/BIOS settings. Applicable for all Crucial DDR5 desktop memory (UDIMM) modules except Crucial DDR5-4800 desktop memory, which supports only Intel® XMP 3.0. Based on published competitor specs for DDR5 memory as of October 2022. Altering clock frequency or voltage beyond JEDEC specifications may result in damage to computer components. Warranty voided if Crucial DRAM modules are set to overclock beyond JEDEC specifications, rated speeds, and timings. Micron disclaims any and all liability for such damage.
10Some storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.
11MB/s speed measured as maximum sequential performance of device as measured by Crucial on a high-performance desktop computer with Crystal Disk Mark (version 8.0.1 for x64). Your performance may vary.
12Some of the storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.
13Compatibility may vary and may be contingent on device formatting and host capabilities. Compatible Android devices must be able to work with USB Mass Storage over OTG. Operating system updates and reformatting may be required.
14Protection against dust and water projected in jets against the enclosure from any direction. The X10 Pro should not be submerged in water. For more information, visit

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