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How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

RAM (random access memory) is essential to gaming. Computer memory holds parts of your game for easy access, regardless of the speed of your storage drive. For complicated, realistic games, you want as much memory as possible. To learn more about how much RAM you need for other activities, read here.

What kind of gaming do you do?

As with everything, the answer to "How much RAM is needed for gaming?" depends on what kind of gaming you do. The number of different games you play, and how intensive they are.

Minimum recommendations

Minimum requirements for gaming are usually 8GB. This will allow acceptable play for most games. If you start playing a large-landscape game, you might notice some lag or stuttering. Lag and stuttering are good indications that you need to install more RAM in your computer for that game. To see how much memory you currently have in your computer, read here.

Crucial memory (RAM) for gaming.

Recommended amounts

Most games recommend 16GB of memory for speedy, high-performance play. Having this much RAM in your computer will allow you to change what games you play, and to avoid issues with lag and stuttering. If you want to edit your recorded gameplay, then you'll want more memory; as much as 32GB. 

Other considerations

Memory is not the only component to consider when you're looking at your hardware for gaming. Most games also make recommendations about your operating system, CPU, sound card, and video card. You will want to have at least the minimum recommendations for the game you want to play. To find out how to upgrade your computer, look here.

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