Save money – install your own SSD!

It might seem tempting to take your computer to a repair shop and have a technician install a new SSD, but it will be costly – especially when you can install one yourself in minutes. From labor costs to hidden markups, it's expensive to have a computer shop install an SSD. And entirely unnecessary.

4 Reasons why you shouldn't have a computer shop install an SSD

  1. Installing a Crucial SSD requires zero computer skills.
    You don't need any technical training to install an SSD, and there's no reason you should pay extra for someone to have this knowledge. Additionally, if a computer shop installs your SSD and transfers data onto it from a previous storage drive, you can end up getting charged for several hours of labor time. While it only takes the shop a few minutes to physically install an SSD, they can spend an hour or two waiting for data to transfer onto the new drive – and bill you for this time. At a high cost per hour, you can be hit with fees that in some cases exceed the cost of the actual SSD.
  2. You can install a Crucial SSD yourself in minutes.
    Removing an old storage drive and installing a new one is like changing the oil in your car; it's a regular part of system maintenance. As such, most computer manufacturers design their systems in a way that makes it easy and user-friendly to install a new storage drive.
  3. You don't have to go to a computer shop to purchase a compatible Crucial SSD.
  4. System Scanner
  5. You can save yourself the hassle.
    When having a computer shop install an SSD for you, you'll have to unassembled your system, load it in your car, deliver it to the shop, pick it up at a later time, then finally bring it back to your house and reassemble everything. That's a lot of extra work to go through, and it's completely unnecessary.

By installing a Crucial SSD yourself, you'll save time and money, increase your confidence, and learn a little about how your computer works in the process.

3 Ways you'll save by installing a Crucial SSD yourself:

  1. You'll save on the cost of the SSD. Computer shops typically mark up the price of the components they install for you. By buying an SSD direct from a major manufacturer, you'll save on the cost of an SSD – and you'll avoid markups.
  2. You'll eliminate labor costs. When a computer shop installs an SSD for you, they typically charge an expensive hourly rate or a flat installation fee. While fees vary by computer shop, they can reach as high as half the cost of the SSD upgrade (which is itself an added cost). By installing an SSD yourself, you'll avoid paying a lot for something you could have done in a matter of minutes.
  3. You can put off having to buy a new computer. Oftentimes, people buy new computers because their old system was slow. However, with a Crucial SSD that's significantly faster than a hard drive, this problem can easily be overcome. At a fraction of the cost of a new system, a Crucial SSD immediately gives your computer a like-new performance boost. Extend your system's life and avoid overspending on a new computer.

Get started today by using our System Scanner to find and purchase a compatible Crucial SSD, then watch one of our three-minute SSD install videos to learn how to do it. Installing an SSD is simple and easy, and we're confident you have what it takes!