Software Encryption for Portable SSDs

When it comes to securing data on an external SSD, encrypting your data can help protect what’s important to you. Windows® BitLocker To Go® and macOS® FileVault® offer essential encryption features, while also providing options to safely store passwords in a secure area offered by either Microsoft® or Apple®.

Windows BitLocker To Go, integrated into Windows operating systems, offers robust encryption for external Crucial® SSDs. By encrypting the entire drive, it ensures that data remains protected even if the drive is lost or stolen with a password. Windows provides the option to store the BitLocker recovery key in the Microsoft Account or Active Directory, keeping it securely accessible for authorized recovery purposes. This allows users to safely encrypt and decrypt their external SSDs without worrying about managing separate passwords. For more information, refer to Microsoft support for full requirements and instructions.

For Mac users, FileVault is Apple's encryption solution designed to secure data on external SSDs. macOS FileVault offers strong protection against unauthorized access, and macOS users can choose to store their FileVault recovery key in their iCloud account, ensuring easy and secure retrieval whenever needed. Additionally, FileVault integrates with the macOS Keychain, allowing users to securely store their encryption password in the system's password manager. This makes accessing the encrypted external SSD convenient while maintaining a high level of data security. Refer to Apple's support on FileVault for assistance enabling this feature.

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