PCIe SSD Not Booting After Cloning from SATA SSD/HDD

When cloning a SATA drive to one that uses a PCIe interface like our P-series NVMe SSDs, you may be missing the correct drivers to boot to your newly cloned Crucial® SSD immediately after cloning.   This can be corrected by simply booting your new P-series SSD into Safe Mode which will load the correct drivers needed to boot Windows® normally.  

You can start this process by attempting to boot to your newly cloned SSD and you should receive a Windows repair message that will attempt to correct the issue for you. Once this is finished, you will typically receive a message stating that it was unable to repair the issue and gives us some more options to choose from. 

  1. First, select the troubleshoot option from the Windows repair message.
  1. Select the advanced options.
  1. On the advanced options screen, you should see Startup Settings. If you do not see this option, you may need to click on “See more recovery options” at the bottom of the screen first.
  1. Select Startup Settings
  1. Click the Restart button
  1. The startup settings screen will give multiple options to attempt to boot the system with.  You want to press the number 4 on your keyboard so that we can try booting into safe mode

Once the system has fully booted into safe mode, simply click on the Start button and tell your PC to restart.  This will force the computer to use the correct drivers that your new P-series SSD needs to run properly.  The system should reboot right back into Windows without any further setting changes needed.  

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