Why Did my SSD 'Disappear' from my System?

A sudden loss of power or rare software events can cause a system to fail to recognize an SSD.  In most cases, the SSD can be returned to normal operating condition by completing our power cycle procedure.  The instructions detailed below will only take a few minutes, and should be followed by optimizing your power settings for SSD use. This process is non-destructive, and your data will be intact as long as the event that triggered the SSD malfunction did not affect your file system as well. 

Apple® and Windows® desktop users follow the same steps.

  1. If possible, connect the SSD via a hard drive enclosure or USB adapter, then plug it in to a USB port (preferably a different system if possible, to rule out system-level malfunctions). Whether the drive is visible or not, let it sit in this state for a minimum of five minutes to allow the SSD to rebuild its mapping tables, then reboot the system and see if the drive is restored. 
  2. If a USB adapter is not available, reseat the drive and boot in to your system’s BIOS or UEFI with the drive connected normally for a minimum of five minutes to allow the drive to attempt this same rebuild, then reboot the system and see if the drive is restored. 
    Note: This mode may be less effective than a USB connection, as some systems will cut power to an attached device if the drive does not mount normally. 
  3. If the above steps do not help, try the SSD in another system (if you haven’t already), to rule out the original cabling and ports as a potential cause of this behavior. 
  4. If the drive comes back and is functional, it is recommended to update the firmware to the latest revision (if applicable). The page with the latest firmware revisions can be found here
  5. If this procedure does not resolve the issue, a replacement may be needed. Please contact us for more assistance.

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