How Ballistix is quality tested

When you buy performance memory, you're looking for memory that will give you an edge on the competition. This really boils down to two things: performance and reliability. At the Crucial Performance Lab, that's exactly what we test for. Here's how we extensively test each and every Crucial Ballistix module.

Pre-production testing: components

Before the module is even assembled, we individually test each component that goes into our premium-quality DRAM. Since we're a brand of Micron, one of the largest manufacturers of DRAM in the world, we have thousands of engineers and staff who work together to optimize and source the best components from our wafers. Once we've identified the choice components on a die, we extensively test them before use. In terms of component testing and industry leadership, our engineers have designed the industry-standard test ovens that are used for component and module quality testing. Not only do we test every component we use, but we've designed the industry-standard test equipment that's used all over the world.

Production and post-production testing: modules

After the components have been assembled onto the module, the unit as a whole undergoes various electrical and synthetic tests to ensure functionality. We're looking to answer the question, "Will this module stand up to the rigors of real-world use?" Once that question has been answered affirmatively, we move the module to a new series of tests where it is tested for performance and compatibility. In performance testing, we make certain that the module runs at our rated specifications.

In compatibility testing, we ensure that the module is compatible with the latest motherboards and chipsets, and we're constantly updating our list of motherboards and test setups to maintain the most accurate measure of real world compatibility. If it doesn't meet or exceed the performance and compatibility standards that we publish, then it doesn't leave our doors.

While we typically conduct compatibility tests with more than 30 motherboards, almost all motherboards are compatible with Ballistix performance memory and will work just fine. To ensure compatibility with your system, we recommend using our Crucial System Scanner or Crucial Memory Advisor™ tool on In just a few clicks, you can find a reliable, premium-quality Ballistix upgrade for your system. It doesn't get much easier than that!