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IdeaPad 1 14AMN7 IdeaPad 1 14IAU7 IdeaPad 1 14IJL7 Ideapad 1 15ADA7 IdeaPad 1 15ALC7 IdeaPad 1 15IAU7 IdeaPad 1 15IGL7 IdeaPad 1 15IRU7 Ideapad 100 (14 inch) Ideapad 100 (15 inch) IdeaPad 100-14IBD IdeaPad 100-14IBY IdeaPad 100-15IBD IdeaPad 100S-14IBR Ideapad 110 (14 inch) Ideapad 110 (15 inch) IdeaPad 110-14AST Ideapad 110-14IBR IdeaPad 110-14ISK IdeaPad 110-15ACL IdeaPad 110-15AST Ideapad 110-15IBR IdeaPad 110-15ISK IdeaPad 110-17ACL IdeaPad 110-17IKB IdeaPad 110-17ISK Ideapad 110S-11IBR IdeaPad 120S-11IAP (With HDD) IdeaPad 120S-11IAP (Without HDD) IdeaPad 120S-14IAP IdeaPad 130 (14 inch) IdeaPad 130 (15 inch) IdeaPad 130 (15 inch) AMD IdeaPad 130-14AST IdeaPad 130-14IKB IdeaPad 130-15IKB Ideapad 130S-11IGM Ideapad 130S-14IGM (M.2) IdeaPad 2-in-1 11 IdeaPad 2-in-1 14 IdeaPad 3 14ABA7 IdeaPad 3 14ADA05 IdeaPad 3 14ADA05 (AMD A4 Processor) IdeaPad 3 14ADA05 (AMD Athlon Gold 3150U Processor) IdeaPad 3 14ADA05 (AMD Ryzen 3 Processor) IdeaPad 3 14ADA6 IdeaPad 3 14ALC6 IdeaPad 3 14ARE05 IdeaPad 3 14IAU7 IdeaPad 3 14IGL05 IdeaPad 3 14IIL05 Ideapad 3 14IML05 Ideapad 3 14ITL05 IdeaPad 3 14ITL6 IdeaPad 3 15ABA7 IdeaPad 3 15ADA05 IdeaPad 3 15ADA05 (A4-3020E model) IdeaPad 3 15ADA6 IdeaPad 3 15ALC6 IdeaPad 3 15ARE05 IdeaPad 3 15IAU7 IdeaPad 3 15IGL05 IdeaPad 3 15IIL05 IdeaPad 3 15IML05 IdeaPad 3 15IML05 (Intel Core i3-10110U Processor) IdeaPad 3 15IML05 (Intel Core i5-10210U Processor) IdeaPad 3 15IML05 (Intel Core i7-10510U Processor) IdeaPad 3 15IML05 (Intel Pentium Gold 6405U Processor) Ideapad 3 15ITL05 IdeaPad 3 15ITL6 IdeaPad 3 17ABA7 IdeaPad 3 17ADA6 IdeaPad 3 17ALC6 IdeaPad 3 17ARE05 IdeaPad 3 17IAU7 IdeaPad 3 17IIL05 IdeaPad 3 17IML05 IdeaPad 3 17IRU7 IdeaPad 3 17ITL6 IdeaPad 300-14IBR IdeaPad 300-15IBR IdeaPad 300-15ISK IdeaPad 300-17ISK IdeaPad 300S-11IBR IdeaPad 300S-14ISK IdeaPad 305-14IBD IdeaPad 305-15ABM IdeaPad 305-15IBY IdeaPad 305-15IHW IdeaPad 310 (14-inch) IdeaPad 310 (15-inch Touch) IdeaPad 310 (15-inch) IdeaPad 310-14IAP IdeaPad 310-14IKB IdeaPad 310-14ISK IdeaPad 310-15ABR IdeaPad 310-15IAP IdeaPad 310S-11IAP IdeaPad 310S-14AST IdeaPad 310S-14IKB IdeaPad 310S-14ISK IdeaPad 310S-15IKB IdeaPad 310S-15ISK IdeaPad 320-14AST IdeaPad 320-14IAP IdeaPad 320-14IKB IdeaPad 320-14ISK IdeaPad 320-14KBL IdeaPad 320-15ABR IdeaPad 320-15AST IdeaPad 320-15IAP IdeaPad 320-15IKB IdeaPad 320-15ISK IdeaPad 320-17ABR IdeaPad 320-17AST IdeaPad 320-17IKB IdeaPad 320-17ISK IdeaPad 320c-15IKB IdeaPad 320S-13IKB IdeaPad 320S-14IKB IdeaPad 320S-15ABR IdeaPad 320S-15AST IdeaPad 320S-15IKB IdeaPad 320S-15ISK IdeaPad 330 (14 inch) AMD IdeaPad 330 (14 inch) Intel IdeaPad 330 (17 inch) AMD Ideapad 330 (17-inch) Intel IdeaPad 330-14AST IdeaPad 330-14IGM IdeaPad 330-14IKB IdeaPad 330-15ARR IdeaPad 330-15AST IdeaPad 330-15ICH IdeaPad 330-15IGM IdeaPad 330-15IKB IdeaPad 330-15IKBR IdeaPad 330-17AST Ideapad 330-17ICH IdeaPad 330-17IKB IdeaPad 330C-15IKB Ideapad 330S (14-inch) AMD Ideapad 330S (14-inch) Intel Ideapad 330S (15-inch) AMD Ideapad 330S (15-inch) Intel Ideapad 330S-14AST Ideapad 330S-14IKB Ideapad 330S-15ARR Ideapad 330S-15AST Ideapad 330S-15IKB IdeaPad 4G 14Q8C05 IdeaPad 5 14ABA7 IdeaPad 5 14ALC05 IdeaPad 5 14ARE05 IdeaPad 5 14IAL7 Ideapad 5 14IIL05 Ideapad 5 14ITL05 IdeaPad 5 15ABA7 IdeaPad 5 15ALC05 IdeaPad 5 15ARE05 IdeaPad 5 15IAL7 IdeaPad 5 15IAL7 (76Wh Battery) Ideapad 5 15IIL05 Ideapad 5 15ITL05 IdeaPad 5 Pro 14ACN6 IdeaPad 5 Pro 14ARH7 IdeaPad 5 Pro 14IAP7 Ideapad 5 Pro 14ITL06 IdeaPad 5 Pro 14ITL6 IdeaPad 5 Pro 16ACH6 IdeaPad 5 Pro 16IAH7 IdeaPad 5 Pro 16IHU6 Ideapad 500 IdeaPad 500-14ACZ IdeaPad 500-14ISK IdeaPad 500-15ACZ IdeaPad 500-15ISK IdeaPad 500S-13ISK IdeaPad 500S-14ISK IdeaPad 510 (15-inch) IdeaPad 510s (14-inch) IdeaPad 510s-13IKB IdeaPad 510s-13ISK IdeaPad 510S-14IKB IdeaPad 510S-14ISK IdeaPad 520-15IKB IdeaPad 520S-14IKB IdeaPad 530 (15-inch) IdeaPad 530 (Intel) IdeaPad 530S (AMD) IdeaPad 530S-14ARR IdeaPad 530S-14IKB IdeaPad 530S-15IKB IdeaPad 5G 14Q8X05 IdeaPad 700 (15-inch) IdeaPad 700 (17-inch) IdeaPad 710S-13IKB IdeaPad 710S-13ISK IdeaPad 720-15IKB IdeaPad 720S-13ARR IdeaPad 720S-13IKB IdeaPad 720S-14IKB IdeaPad 720S-15IKB Ideapad 730S Ideapad C340 Ideapad C340 (14-inch) AMD Ideapad C340 (14-inch) Intel IdeaPad C340-14API (M.2 2242) IdeaPad C340-14API (M.2 2280) Ideapad C340-14IML IdeaPad C340-14IWL Ideapad C340-15IIL Ideapad C340-15IML IdeaPad C340-15IWL IdeaPad Creator 5 15IMH05 IdeaPad Creator 5 16ACH6 IdeaPad DDR2 Netbook IdeaPad DDR3 Netbook IdeaPad Flex 10 IdeaPad Flex 14 IdeaPad Flex 14D IdeaPad Flex 15 IdeaPad Flex 15D IdeaPad Flex 3 11ADA05 IdeaPad Flex 3 11IGL05 IdeaPad Flex 3 CB 11IJL6 IdeaPad Flex 5 14ALC05 IdeaPad Flex 5 14ALC7 IdeaPad Flex 5 14ARE05 IdeaPad Flex 5 14IIL05 IdeaPad Flex 5 14IRU8 IdeaPad Flex 5 14ITL05 IdeaPad Flex 5 15ALC05 IdeaPad Flex 5 15IIL05 IdeaPad Flex 5 15ITL05 IdeaPad Flex 5 16ABR8 IdeaPad Flex 5 16ALC7 IdeaPad Flex 5 16IAU7 IdeaPad Flex 5 16IRU8 IdeaPad Flex 6-14ARR IdeaPad Flex 6-14IKB IdeaPad Flex Pro-13IKB IdeaPad FLEX-14API IdeaPad FLEX-14IML IdeaPad FLEX-14IWL IdeaPad FLEX-15IIL IdeaPad FLEX-15IML IdeaPad FLEX-15IWL IdeaPad G465 IdeaPad G565 IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ACH6 IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ARH05 IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ARH7 IdeaPad Gaming 3 15IAH7 IdeaPad Gaming 3 15IHU6 IdeaPad Gaming 3 15IMH05 IdeaPad Gaming 3 16ARH7 IdeaPad Gaming 3 16IAH7 Ideapad L3 15IML05 Ideapad L3 15ITL6 Ideapad L340 (15-inch) AMD Ideapad L340 (17-inch) AMD Ideapad L340 (17-inch) Intel IdeaPad L340-15API IdeaPad L340-15IRH Gaming IdeaPad L340-15IWL Ideapad L340-17API IdeaPad L340-17IRH Gaming IdeaPad L340-17IWL Ideapad Miix 510-12IKB Ideapad Miix 510-12ISK Ideapad Miix 520 IdeaPad MIIX 700-12ISK IdeaPad N485 IdeaPad N580 IdeaPad N581 IdeaPad N585 IdeaPad N586 IdeaPad P400 Touch IdeaPad P500 IdeaPad P580 IdeaPad P585 IdeaPad Pro 5 14APH8 IdeaPad Pro 5 14ARP8 IdeaPad Pro 5 14IMH9 IdeaPad Pro 5 14IRH8 IdeaPad Pro 5 16APH8 IdeaPad Pro 5 16ARP8 IdeaPad Pro 5 16IMH9 IdeaPad Pro 5 16IRH8 IdeaPad S10 IdeaPad S100 IdeaPad S100c IdeaPad S10-2 IdeaPad S10-3 IdeaPad S10-3 (0647-2AU) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3 (0647-2BU) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3 (0647-2EU) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3 (0647-35U) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3 (0647-38U) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3 (0647-39U) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3s (DDR2) IdeaPad S10-3s (DDR3) IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-3EU) DDR2 IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-4EU) DDR2 IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-4FU) DDR2 IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-7HU) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-86U) DDR2 IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-95U) DDR2 IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-99U) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3t (0651-9BU) DDR3 IdeaPad S10-3t (DDR2) IdeaPad S10-3t (DDR3) IdeaPad S10e IdeaPad S110 IdeaPad S12 IdeaPad S12 (Intel Graphics) IdeaPad S12 (nVidia Graphics) IdeaPad S12 (Via Graphics) IdeaPad S130-11IGM (HDD Models) IdeaPad S130-11IGM (M.2 Models) IdeaPad S130-14IGM Ideapad S145 (14-inch) Intel Ideapad S145 (15-inch) AMD Ideapad S145-14API Ideapad S145-14AST Ideapad S145-14IGM (2.5 Drive) Ideapad S145-14IGM (M.2 2242 Drive) Ideapad S145-14IGM (M.2 2280 Drive) Ideapad S145-14IIL Ideapad S145-14IKB Ideapad S145-14IWL Ideapad S145-15API ideapad S145-15AST IdeaPad S145-15IGM Ideapad S145-15IIL Ideapad S145-15IKB IdeaPad S145-15IWL IdeaPad S200 IdeaPad S205 IdeaPad S205s IdeaPad S206 IdeaPad S210 Touch IdeaPad S215 IdeaPad S300 IdeaPad S310 Ideapad S340 Ideapad S340 (14-inch) Intel Ideapad S340 (15-inch) AMD Ideapad S340-13IML IdeaPad S340-14API Ideapad S340-14IIL Ideapad S340-14IILD Ideapad S340-14IML Ideapad S340-14IWL IdeaPad S340-15API Ideapad S340-15IIL Ideapad S340-15IILD Ideapad S340-15IML Ideapad S340-15IWL IdeaPad S400 IdeaPad S400u IdeaPad S405 IdeaPad S410 IdeaPad S410p IdeaPad S415 IdeaPad S500 IdeaPad S500 Touch IdeaPad S510p Ideapad S530-13IML Ideapad S530-13IWL Ideapad S540 (14-inch) AMD Ideapad S540 (14-inch) Intel Ideapad S540-13API IdeaPad S540-13ARE Ideapad S540-13IML Ideapad S540-13ITL Ideapad S540-14API Ideapad S540-14IML Ideapad S540-14IWL (M.2 2242 Models) Ideapad S540-14IWL (M.2 2280 Models) Ideapad S540-15IML Ideapad S540-15IWL Ideapad S740-15IRH ideapad S740-15IRH Touch Ideapad S940 Ideapad Slim 1-11AST-05 IdeaPad Slim 1-14AST-05 (2.5-inch System) IdeaPad Slim 3 14IAH8 IdeaPad Slim 5 14IAH8 IdeaPad Slim 5 14IMH9 IdeaPad Slim 5 14IRL8 IdeaPad Slim 5 14IRU9 IdeaPad Slim 5 15IRU9 IdeaPad Slim 5 16ABR8 IdeaPad Slim 5 16IMH9 IdeaPad Slim 5 16IRL8 IdeaPad Slim 5 16IRU9 IdeaPad Slim 7 14ARE05 IdeaPad Slim 7 14ITL05 IdeaPad Slim 7 15IIL05 IdeaPad Slim 7 15IMH05 IdeaPad Slim 7 15ITL05 IdeaPad Slim 7 Carbon 14ACN6 IdeaPad Slim 9 14ITL5 IdeaPad U160 IdeaPad U165 IdeaPad U260 IdeaPad U300e IdeaPad U300s IdeaPad U310 IdeaPad U330 Touch IdeaPad U330p IdeaPad U400 IdeaPad U410 IdeaPad U430 Touch IdeaPad U430P IdeaPad U450 IdeaPad U450p IdeaPad U455 IdeaPad U460 IdeaPad U460s IdeaPad U510 IdeaPad U530 Touch IdeaPad U550 IdeaPad V360 IdeaPad V450 IdeaPad V460 IdeaPad V550 IdeaPad V560 IdeaPad V570 IdeaPad Y400 IdeaPad Y410p IdeaPad Y430 (DDR2 73U/74U Models) IdeaPad Y430 (DDR3) IdeaPad Y450 IdeaPad Y460 IdeaPad Y460 (063346U) IdeaPad Y460 (06334CU) IdeaPad Y460 (06334DU) IdeaPad Y460p IdeaPad Y470 IdeaPad Y470p IdeaPad Y480 IdeaPad Y485 IdeaPad Y500 IdeaPad Y510 IdeaPad Y510p IdeaPad Y530 (40512QU) IdeaPad Y530 (40512RU) IdeaPad Y530 (40512SU) IdeaPad Y530 (40512TU) IdeaPad Y530 (40512UU) IdeaPad Y530 (40512WU) IdeaPad Y530 (40512XU) IdeaPad Y530 (40512YU) IdeaPad Y530 (405166U) IdeaPad Y530 (405167U) IdeaPad Y530 (405168U) IdeaPad Y530 (405169U) IdeaPad Y530 (40516BU) IdeaPad Y530 (40516HU) IdeaPad Y550 (All Types) IdeaPad Y550p (All Types) IdeaPad Y560 (All Types) IdeaPad Y560d (06462NU) IdeaPad Y560p IdeaPad Y570 IdeaPad Y570d IdeaPad Y580 IdeaPad Y650 (All Types) IdeaPad Y700 IdeaPad Y700-14ISK IdeaPad Y700-15ACZ IdeaPad Y700-15ISK IdeaPad Y700-17ISK IdeaPad Y710 Ideapad Y900 Ideapad Y900-17ISK Ideapad Y910-17ISK IdeaPad Yoga 11s IdeaPad Yoga 13 IdeaPad Z360 IdeaPad Z370 IdeaPad Z380 IdeaPad Z400 IdeaPad Z400 Touch IdeaPad Z410 IdeaPad Z460 IdeaPad Z470 IdeaPad Z475 IdeaPad Z480 IdeaPad Z485 IdeaPad Z500 IdeaPad Z510 IdeaPad Z560 IdeaPad Z565 IdeaPad Z570 IdeaPad Z575 IdeaPad Z580 IdeaPad Z585 IP Flex 5 Chrome 14IAU7

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