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2.5" BX300 SSD

2.5" MX500 SSD

Part number




Sequential reads2

555 MB/s

555 MB/s

Sequential writes2

510 MB/s

510 MB/s

4KB Random reads (IOPS)2

45k IOPS

84k IOPS

4KB Random writes (IOPS)2

90k IOPS

90k IOPS


Memory Type

Micron® 3D MLC NAND

Micron® 3D MLC NAND


Silicon Motion® SM2258 with Micron® Custom Firmware

Silicon Motion® SM2258 with Micron® Custom Firmware




1.5 million hours


55 TBW

80 TBW

Operating Temperature

0°C to 70°C

Other form factors

2.5-inch only

Advanced features

Active Garbage Collection

Device Sleep Extreme Low

Power Mode (DEVSLP)

Dynamic Write Acceleration

SLC Write Acceleration

Error Correction Code (ECC)

Hardware encryption

Integrated Power Loss Immunity

Multistep Data Integrity Algorithms

Redundant Array of Independent


Self-Monitoring and Reporting

Technology (SMART)

Thermal Monitoring

TRIM Support

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1Some of the storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.

2Typical I/O performance numbers as measured using IOMeter® with a queue depth of 32 and write cache enabled. Fresh out-of-box (FOB) state is assumed. For performance measurement purposes, the SSD may be restored to FOB state using the secure erase command. System variations will affect measured results.

3When you use the System Scanner or Crucial Advisor tool to place your order on