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Pavilion 15-EH0000 Pavilion 15-eh0000 (9WD45AV) Pavilion 15-eh0000nl Pavilion 15-eh0000no Pavilion 15-eh0000ns Pavilion 15-eh0001la Pavilion 15-eh0001nf Pavilion 15-eh0001nu Pavilion 15-eh0001nx Pavilion 15-eh0002la Pavilion 15-eh0002na Pavilion 15-eh0002sa Pavilion 15-eh0002ur Pavilion 15-eh0003la Pavilion 15-eh0004nf Pavilion 15-eh0004nv Pavilion 15-eh0005la Pavilion 15-eh0005nl Pavilion 15-eh0005ur Pavilion 15-eh0006na Pavilion 15-eh0006no Pavilion 15-eh0006nt Pavilion 15-eh0007nx Pavilion 15-eh0008ca Pavilion 15-eh0008la Pavilion 15-eh0008nf Pavilion 15-eh0008nl Pavilion 15-eh0008nm Pavilion 15-eh0008nv Pavilion 15-eh0009na Pavilion 15-eh0009nl Pavilion 15-eh0009sa Pavilion 15-eh0009ur Pavilion 15-eh0010la Pavilion 15-eh0010nr Pavilion 15-eh0010nv Pavilion 15-eh0010ur Pavilion 15-eh0011au Pavilion 15-eh0011nv Pavilion 15-eh0011ur Pavilion 15-eh0012nt Pavilion 15-eh0015AU Pavilion 15-eh0015cl Pavilion 15-eh0015na Pavilion 15-eh0016na Pavilion 15-eh0017na Pavilion 15-eh0018na Pavilion 15-eh0019AU Pavilion 15-eh0019na Pavilion 15-eh0020nv Pavilion 15-eh0022la Pavilion 15-eh0022no Pavilion 15-eh0023no Pavilion 15-eh0024AU Pavilion 15-eh0024ur Pavilion 15-eh0026nq Pavilion 15-eh0026ur Pavilion 15-eh0028nf Pavilion 15-eh0038nw Pavilion 15-eh0050wm Pavilion 15-eh0070nb Pavilion 15-eh0071nb Pavilion 15-eh0073nb Pavilion 15-eh0082au Pavilion 15-eh0082nb Pavilion 15-eh0083nb Pavilion 15-eh0090wm Pavilion 15-eh0095nr Pavilion 15-eh0097nr Pavilion 15-eh0123au Pavilion 15-eh0123AU Pavilion 15-eh0124AU Pavilion 15-eh0155ng Pavilion 15-eh0300ng Pavilion 15-eh0301ng Pavilion 15-eh0500nd Pavilion 15-eh0501nd Pavilion 15-eh0502sa Pavilion 15-eh0507na Pavilion 15-eh0507sa Pavilion 15-eh0511na Pavilion 15-eh0511sa Pavilion 15-eh0515na Pavilion 15-eh0515sa Pavilion 15-eh0522na Pavilion 15-eh0522sa Pavilion 15-eh0523na Pavilion 15-eh0523sa Pavilion 15-eh0524na Pavilion 15-eh0525na Pavilion 15-eh0800ng Pavilion 15-eh0801nd Pavilion 15-eh0823no Pavilion 15-eh0832no Pavilion 15-eh0947nd Pavilion 15-eh1000 Pavilion 15-eh1000nb Pavilion 15-eh1000nh Pavilion 15-eh1000nl Pavilion 15-eh1000no Pavilion 15-eh1000np Pavilion 15-eh1000ns Pavilion 15-eh1000nw Pavilion 15-eh1000ny Pavilion 15-eh1000sf Pavilion 15-eh1000sl Pavilion 15-eh1000ua Pavilion 15-eh1000ur Pavilion 15-eh1001nb Pavilion 15-eh1001nc Pavilion 15-eh1001nia Pavilion 15-eh1001nm Pavilion 15-eh1001no Pavilion 15-eh1001np Pavilion 15-eh1001nq Pavilion 15-eh1001nu Pavilion 15-eh1001nv Pavilion 15-eh1001sl Pavilion 15-eh1001ur Pavilion 15-eh1002AU Pavilion 15-eh1002nh Pavilion 15-eh1002nj Pavilion 15-eh1002no Pavilion 15-eh1002nq Pavilion 15-eh1002ny Pavilion 15-eh1002ua Pavilion 15-eh1002ur Pavilion 15-eh1003nb Pavilion 15-eh1003nc Pavilion 15-eh1003nh Pavilion 15-eh1003nk Pavilion 15-eh1003nl Pavilion 15-eh1003nm Pavilion 15-eh1003no Pavilion 15-eh1003ns Pavilion 15-eh1003nv Pavilion 15-eh1003ny Pavilion 15-eh1003ua Pavilion 15-eh1003ur Pavilion 15-eh1004nb Pavilion 15-eh1004nc Pavilion 15-eh1004nf Pavilion 15-eh1004nh Pavilion 15-eh1004nk Pavilion 15-eh1004nl Pavilion 15-eh1004no Pavilion 15-eh1004nq Pavilion 15-eh1004ny Pavilion 15-eh1004ua Pavilion 15-eh1004ur Pavilion 15-eh1005nb Pavilion 15-eh1005nh Pavilion 15-eh1005nk Pavilion 15-eh1005nl Pavilion 15-eh1005ns Pavilion 15-eh1005nu Pavilion 15-eh1005nv Pavilion 15-eh1005nx Pavilion 15-eh1005ur Pavilion 15-eh1006AU Pavilion 15-eh1006nb Pavilion 15-eh1006nh Pavilion 15-eh1006nk Pavilion 15-eh1006no Pavilion 15-eh1006nq Pavilion 15-eh1006ns Pavilion 15-eh1006nu Pavilion 15-eh1006ny Pavilion 15-eh1006ua Pavilion 15-eh1006ur Pavilion 15-eh1007AU Pavilion 15-eh1007nh Pavilion 15-eh1007nq Pavilion 15-eh1007ns Pavilion 15-eh1007nx Pavilion 15-eh1007ny Pavilion 15-eh1007ua Pavilion 15-eh1008ca Pavilion 15-eh1008nb Pavilion 15-eh1008nh Pavilion 15-eh1008nk Pavilion 15-eh1008nq Pavilion 15-eh1008ns Pavilion 15-eh1008nt Pavilion 15-eh1008nu Pavilion 15-eh1008nv Pavilion 15-eh1008ua Pavilion 15-eh1009nf Pavilion 15-eh1009nh Pavilion 15-eh1009nl Pavilion 15-eh1009nq Pavilion 15-eh1009nu Pavilion 15-eh1009ny Pavilion 15-eh1009ua Pavilion 15-eh1009ur Pavilion 15-eh1010ca Pavilion 15-eh1010nb Pavilion 15-eh1010nf Pavilion 15-eh1010nk Pavilion 15-eh1010nr Pavilion 15-eh1010nt Pavilion 15-eh1010nw Pavilion 15-eh1010ny Pavilion 15-eh1010ua Pavilion 15-eh1010ur Pavilion 15-eh1011nh Pavilion 15-eh1011nk Pavilion 15-eh1011no Pavilion 15-eh1011nx Pavilion 15-eh1011ny Pavilion 15-eh1011ua Pavilion 15-eh1012nh Pavilion 15-eh1012nk Pavilion 15-eh1012nl Pavilion 15-eh1012nq Pavilion 15-eh1012nt Pavilion 15-eh1012nu Pavilion 15-eh1012nx Pavilion 15-eh1012ny Pavilion 15-eh1012ua Pavilion 15-eh1012ur Pavilion 15-eh1013nh Pavilion 15-eh1013nt Pavilion 15-eh1013ny Pavilion 15-eh1013ur Pavilion 15-eh1014AU Pavilion 15-eh1014nf Pavilion 15-eh1014nl Pavilion 15-eh1014ua Pavilion 15-eh1014ur Pavilion 15-eh1015nf Pavilion 15-eh1015nl Pavilion 15-eh1015nm Pavilion 15-eh1015nq Pavilion 15-eh1015ua Pavilion 15-eh1015ur Pavilion 15-eh1016nm Pavilion 15-eh1017nf Pavilion 15-eh1017nl Pavilion 15-eh1017nm Pavilion 15-eh1017nt Pavilion 15-eh1017ny Pavilion 15-eh1017ur Pavilion 15-eh1018nf Pavilion 15-eh1018nm Pavilion 15-eh1018ur Pavilion 15-eh1019nf Pavilion 15-eh1019nl Pavilion 15-eh1019nm Pavilion 15-eh1019nx Pavilion 15-eh1019ny Pavilion 15-eh1019ur Pavilion 15-eh1020nf Pavilion 15-eh1020nq Pavilion 15-eh1020ua Pavilion 15-eh1021la Pavilion 15-eh1021nf Pavilion 15-eh1021nm Pavilion 15-eh1021no Pavilion 15-eh1021ua Pavilion 15-eh1021ur Pavilion 15-eh1022nf Pavilion 15-eh1022nq Pavilion 15-eh1022nx Pavilion 15-eh1022ua Pavilion 15-eh1022ur Pavilion 15-eh1023nb Pavilion 15-eh1023nm Pavilion 15-eh1023no Pavilion 15-eh1023nq Pavilion 15-eh1023nu Pavilion 15-eh1023ua Pavilion 15-eh1023ur Pavilion 15-eh1024nq Pavilion 15-eh1024ur Pavilion 15-eh1025nb Pavilion 15-eh1025nq Pavilion 15-eh1025ny Pavilion 15-eh1026nb Pavilion 15-eh1026ur Pavilion 15-eh1027nb Pavilion 15-eh1027ur Pavilion 15-eh1028nq Pavilion 15-eh1028nu Pavilion 15-eh1028ur Pavilion 15-eh1029nb Pavilion 15-eh1029nf Pavilion 15-eh1029ur Pavilion 15-eh1030nb Pavilion 15-eh1031nb Pavilion 15-eh1031nq Pavilion 15-eh1031nx Pavilion 15-eh1032nb Pavilion 15-eh1032nx Pavilion 15-eh1033nb Pavilion 15-eh1033nq Pavilion 15-eh1033ur Pavilion 15-eh1034nb Pavilion 15-eh1034no Pavilion 15-eh1034ur Pavilion 15-eh1035AU Pavilion 15-eh1035nf Pavilion 15-eh1035nq Pavilion 15-eh1035nu Pavilion 15-eh1035ur Pavilion 15-eh1036nq Pavilion 15-eh1036nz Pavilion 15-eh1036ur Pavilion 15-eh1037ur Pavilion 15-eh1038ur Pavilion 15-eh1039ur Pavilion 15-eh1040AU Pavilion 15-eh1040nf Pavilion 15-eh1040ua Pavilion 15-eh1041AU Pavilion 15-eh1041nf Pavilion 15-eh1041nq Pavilion 15-eh1041ua Pavilion 15-eh1041ur Pavilion 15-eh1042ua Pavilion 15-eh1042ur Pavilion 15-eh1043nf Pavilion 15-eh1043nq Pavilion 15-eh1043ua Pavilion 15-eh1043ur Pavilion 15-eh1044ur Pavilion 15-eh1045AU Pavilion 15-eh1046ur Pavilion 15-eh1047ur Pavilion 15-eh1048ur Pavilion 15-eh1050au Pavilion 15-eh1050ur Pavilion 15-eh1051AU Pavilion 15-eh1051ur Pavilion 15-eh1052AU Pavilion 15-eh1052ua Pavilion 15-eh1052ur Pavilion 15-eh1052wm Pavilion 15-eh1053AU Pavilion 15-eh1053ua Pavilion 15-eh1053ur Pavilion 15-eh1054ua Pavilion 15-eh1054ur Pavilion 15-eh1055AU Pavilion 15-eh1055ng Pavilion 15-eh1055ua Pavilion 15-eh1055ur Pavilion 15-eh1056ur Pavilion 15-eh1057nu Pavilion 15-eh1057ur Pavilion 15-eh1058AU Pavilion 15-eh1058nu Pavilion 15-eh1058ur Pavilion 15-eh1059AU Pavilion 15-eh1059nu Pavilion 15-eh1060AU Pavilion 15-eh1060nu Pavilion 15-eh1060ua Pavilion 15-eh1060ur Pavilion 15-eh1061AU Pavilion 15-eh1061nu Pavilion 15-eh1061ua Pavilion 15-eh1062AU Pavilion 15-eh1062nu Pavilion 15-eh1062ua Pavilion 15-eh1063AU Pavilion 15-eh1063ua Pavilion 15-eh1064AU Pavilion 15-eh1064ur Pavilion 15-eh1065AU Pavilion 15-eh1066AU Pavilion 15-eh1067AU Pavilion 15-eh1067ur Pavilion 15-eh1068ur Pavilion 15-eh1069AU Pavilion 15-eh1070AU Pavilion 15-eh1070wm Pavilion 15-eh1071AU Pavilion 15-eh1072AU Pavilion 15-eh1075cl Pavilion 15-eh1079ur Pavilion 15-eh1080ur Pavilion 15-eh1081AU Pavilion 15-eh1081ur Pavilion 15-eh1082AU Pavilion 15-eh1082ur Pavilion 15-eh1083AU Pavilion 15-eh1083ur Pavilion 15-eh1084ur Pavilion 15-eh1085cl Pavilion 15-eh1086AU Pavilion 15-eh1086ur Pavilion 15-eh1088ur Pavilion 15-eh1089ur Pavilion 15-eh1090AU Pavilion 15-eh1090ur Pavilion 15-eh1091ur Pavilion 15-eh1094AU Pavilion 15-eh1094ur Pavilion 15-eh1096nr Pavilion 15-eh1097nr Pavilion 15-eh1097ur Pavilion 15-eh1101AU Pavilion 15-eh1102AU Pavilion 15-eh1103AU Pavilion 15-eh1104nw Pavilion 15-eh1104ua Pavilion 15-eh1104ur Pavilion 15-eh1105ur Pavilion 15-eh1106ua Pavilion 15-eh1107ua Pavilion 15-eh1107ur Pavilion 15-eh1108AU Pavilion 15-eh1108ua Pavilion 15-eh1109AU Pavilion 15-eh1111AU Pavilion 15-eh1112nw Pavilion 15-eh1113ua Pavilion 15-eh1114nw Pavilion 15-eh1115nw Pavilion 15-eh1116AU Pavilion 15-eh1117AU Pavilion 15-eh1121AU Pavilion 15-eh1121ur Pavilion 15-eh1122AU Pavilion 15-eh1123AU Pavilion 15-eh1123nw Pavilion 15-eh1124AU Pavilion 15-eh1124nw Pavilion 15-eh1125AU Pavilion 15-eh1128ur Pavilion 15-eh1133nw Pavilion 15-eh1134nw Pavilion 15-eh1144nw Pavilion 15-eh1145nw Pavilion 15-eh1154nw Pavilion 15-eh1155ng Pavilion 15-eh1157ng Pavilion 15-eh1158ur Pavilion 15-eh1159ur Pavilion 15-eh1165nw Pavilion 15-eh1175nw Pavilion 15-eh1177ng Pavilion 15-eh1195nw Pavilion 15-eh1196nr Pavilion 15-eh1201nd Pavilion 15-eh1201nw Pavilion 15-eh1202nd Pavilion 15-eh1203nd Pavilion 15-eh1204nw Pavilion 15-eh1205nd Pavilion 15-eh1205nw Pavilion 15-eh1207nd Pavilion 15-eh1211nw Pavilion 15-eh1213nd Pavilion 15-eh1220nd Pavilion 15-eh1221nw Pavilion 15-eh1222nc Pavilion 15-eh1222nd Pavilion 15-eh1231nw Pavilion 15-eh1254ng Pavilion 15-eh1304nw Pavilion 15-eh1318nw Pavilion 15-eh1319nw Pavilion 15-eh1328nw Pavilion 15-eh1329nw Pavilion 15-eh1339nw Pavilion 15-eh1349nw Pavilion 15-eh1355ng Pavilion 15-eh1357ng Pavilion 15-eh1359nw Pavilion 15-eh1369nw Pavilion 15-eh1400nd Pavilion 15-eh1404nw Pavilion 15-eh1432nd Pavilion 15-eh1440nd Pavilion 15-eh1500nd Pavilion 15-eh1501nd Pavilion 15-eh1501sa Pavilion 15-eh1502nd Pavilion 15-eh1504nw Pavilion 15-eh1504sa Pavilion 15-eh1505nz Pavilion 15-eh1506nz Pavilion 15-eh1508nd Pavilion 15-eh1520nd Pavilion 15-eh1544nd Pavilion 15-eh1550nd Pavilion 15-eh1551nd Pavilion 15-eh1556nz Pavilion 15-eh1557ng Pavilion 15-eh1600ng Pavilion 15-eh1675ng Pavilion 15-eh1678AU Pavilion 15-eh1732ng Pavilion 15-eh1734ng Pavilion 15-eh1760nd Pavilion 15-eh1770nd Pavilion 15-eh1771nd Pavilion 15-eh1775ng Pavilion 15-eh1778ng Pavilion 15-eh1801ng Pavilion 15-eh1805nd Pavilion 15-eh1812nd Pavilion 15-eh1815no Pavilion 15-eh1816no Pavilion 15-eh1817nd Pavilion 15-eh1818nd Pavilion 15-eh1819nd Pavilion 15-eh1822nd Pavilion 15-eh1823nd Pavilion 15-eh1825no Pavilion 15-eh1826nd Pavilion 15-eh1826no Pavilion 15-eh1827nd Pavilion 15-eh1833nd Pavilion 15-eh1890AU Pavilion 15-eh1900ng Pavilion 15-eh1901ng Pavilion 15-eh1905nz Pavilion 15-eh1908nd Pavilion 15-eh1970nd Pavilion 15-eh1977nd Pavilion 15-eh1997nb Pavilion 15-eh1998nb Pavilion 15-eh1999nb Pavilion 15-eh1ur Pavilion 15-eh2000 Pavilion 15-eh2000na Pavilion 15-eh2001nf Pavilion 15-eh2015nb Pavilion 15-eh2018au Pavilion 15-eh2025AU Pavilion 15-eh2085cl Pavilion 15-eh2097nr Pavilion 15-eh2865nd Pavilion 15-eh3000 Pavilion 15-eh3002nl Pavilion 15-eh3047nr Pavilion 15-eh3950nd



  • Will the suggested upgrades work with my computer’s model?

    Certainly! When you order memory upgrades from and use our Crucial System Scanner or Crucial Advisor™ tool to make a purchase, we guarantee compatibility – or your money back. That’s our 45-day no-hassle guarantee

    For over 35 years, Crucial has been testing, manufacturing, and supporting premium-quality memory for computer owners worldwide. So, rest assured that when you choose Crucial, you’re getting a product that’s 100% compatible with your system.

  • How much of a performance impact can I expect from the recommended upgrades?

    The performance impact of the recommended upgrades depends on your original PC, laptop or motherboard’s capabilities and what you’re upgrading it to. Additionally, Crucial products vary in performance based on factors like speed and storage capacity. It is recommended to conduct a benchmark test on your current computer and compare its specs with those of the product you’re considering purchasing to gauge the potential impact accurately.

  • What if I am looking to upgrade to a different computer than the one I am using?

    If you're considering upgrading to a different computer than the one you're currently using, you have options beyond the scanner tool. Suppose you're upgrading someone else's computer or prefer not to use the scanner, in that case, we recommend utilizing our Upgrade Selector Tool. This tool simplifies the process of finding compatible upgrades for any system by allowing you to search for the manufacturer line and model of the computer. It's crucial that you enter the correct computer model, as not all upgrades are compatible with every computer.

  • The upgrade tool gave me a lot of compatible options, which one is right for my computer?

    If you find yourself with numerous compatible options from the Crucial System Scanner or the Crucial Upgrade Selector, determining the right choice may seem daunting. However, there are several factors to consider when comparing products.

    By clicking the compare button on each product, you can easily assess the differences between the two options. Pay attention to details such as density, speed, and other specifications provided for each product. Some products come in kits, while others are sold individually. Keep in mind that installing both RAM sticks can enhance performance, but one stick may suffice depending on your needs and budget. For tailored recommendations, consider visiting our solutions pages, where we outline recommended products for gamers, creatives, and professionals, helping you find the best fit for your specific requirements.

  • What if I have specific performance requirements or preferences beyond compatibility?

    When seeking to meet specific performance requirements or preferences, you can utilize the filtering options provided to filter your results. Look for the filter button, which allows you to refine your search based on criteria such as speed, module type, technology, voltage, and more. By using these filters, you can narrow down the options and identify the RAM, internal SSDs, or external SSDs that best align with your needs, ensuring you select the ideal product for your system upgrade.

Find compatible DRAM and SSD upgrades for your system in three easy steps:

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The fastest, easiest way to improve system performance:

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  • Safe and reliable

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